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Straight from the small screen to the concert hall, these familiar themes are sure to entertain.


1 . Devil's Gift, Theme from

Todd Hayen - The haunting main title theme from the cult suspense-horror classic by the same name.

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2 . Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders, Suite from

Todd Hayen - A fantastical, magical romp from the cult classic film that also aired on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mysterious, energetic, spooky, enchanting. (Please note that sample is a mock-up).

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3 . Once Upon a Time Suite

Mark Isham - This immensely popular and current ABC series, that has captured the imagination of adults and children alike, weaves a story of modern day reality with fairy tales that span the ages. Mark Isham's magical suite would fit wonderfully in children's, film-music or summer programming.

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4 . One Last Flight, Suite from

Todd Hayen - From the moving HBO film for children One Last Flight, this powerful suite stands in the tradition of the best of heroic orchestral scores.

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5 . Pirate Fantasy

Todd Hayen - A rousing, fantastical, treasure-hunting theme from the HBO film The Legend Of Pirate's Point.

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