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Chilling and thrilling music to fright and delight listeners of all ages.


1 . Devil's Gift, Theme from

Todd Hayen - The haunting main title theme from the cult suspense-horror classic by the same name.

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2 . King Kong Suite

Max Steiner - A pithy selection from the original 1933 version of King Kong, one of the classic films and from the mind of one of the classiest composers. This version was restored by the masters of classic film scores, Tribute Film Classics (visit www.TributeFilmClassics.com).

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3 . Little Evil Overture

Frank Macchia - Stylistically drawn from the musical tropes of the great horror film genre, this overture to the Little Evil Things CD series sings with Halloween spirit.

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4 . Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders, Suite from

Todd Hayen - A fantastical, magical romp from the cult classic film that also aired on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mysterious, energetic, spooky, enchanting. (Please note that sample is a mock-up).

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5 . Once Upon a Time Suite

Mark Isham - This immensely popular and current ABC series, that has captured the imagination of adults and children alike, weaves a story of modern day reality with fairy tales that span the ages. Mark Isham's magical suite would fit wonderfully in children's, film-music or summer programming.

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6 . Phobic, Theme from

Brandon Roberts - The haunting, moody title theme from this horror/thriller features lush strings and piano solo.

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7 . Pirate Fantasy

Todd Hayen - A rousing, fantastical, treasure-hunting theme from the HBO film The Legend Of Pirate's Point.

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8 . Teddy Bear's Picnic

Ron Goldstein - An innovative, playful and sometimes ominous version of the 1907 piece originally written by Tin Pan Alley composer John Walter Bratton. Please note that the sample for this piece is a mockup.

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9 . Twisted Title Theme

Mark Isham - The title theme from Mark Isham's dark and moody score from the crime thriller Twisted starring Ashley Judd. Features trumpet solo.

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10 . Violin's Curse, The

Frank Macchia - A very special fifteen-minute ghost story featuring solo violin and orchestra from Frank Macchia's and Tracy London's Little Evil Things CD series. Sure to captivate children and adults alike, this narrated piece with music carefully scored to match the story's development would fit perfectly into any Halloween program.

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